Product Design

Embedded Systems

  • Develop “bare metal” software for low-cost MCUs
  • Embedded Linux User Interfaces and Drivers

PCB Layout

We approach layout starting from a circuit functionality. We always keep in mind issues like high-speed return current path, location of low-noise circuitry with respect to potential aggressor traces, thermal, and ease of rework.

We have can start with a schematic database or hand-drawn schematics.


On devices with antennas, we tack on a small connect at the 50-ohm point, measure reflections, and work out a matching network. For body-worn devices this means taking the measurements with the device near a body. We do a pre-scan to verify field strength is near the expected range and to look for spurious emissions.

Types of Projects

  • PCB design in Altium, Eagle, or Allegro
  • Diagnosing intermittent problems with existing designs
  • Impedance matching embedded antennas
  • Pre-scan of field strength of emissions across the spectrum prior to FCC testing
  • Assembly of prototypes
  • Designing embedded software to run on microcontroller units (MCUs)